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Sept: Theme I am special and Where we live color Red, Shape: Circle, letters A,B,C numbers 1,2,3

Oct: Theme: Mischievous Mice and On the Farm, Color Orange Shape Triangle, Letters D,E,F and numbers 4,5,6

Field Trip :  October Fog Willow Farms

Nov. Theme: Once upon a Time,and Cooling off Shape: Star Color Brown Letters G,H,I numbers 7,8

Dec. Theme: Five Super Senses and Merry and Bright Color Green Shape: Star Letter J,K,L number 9,10

Jan. Theme: Snow Friends, and Scribbles and Splats Color White, Shape Heart, Letters: M,N,O, numbers 11, and 12

Feb: Theme: Treats for my Sweet and Teddy Bear Games, Color Pink, and Shape: Heart, Letters: P,Q,R numbers 13,14

March: Theme: Yummy in my Tummy and Sail Away Shape: Oval, Color Blue Letters: S,T,U numbers: 13, 14

April: Bunnies and chicks, April Showers, Color: Yellow, Shape: Oval letters: V,W,X numbers 17,18

May: Theme: May Flowers and Animals all around, color : Square Color: purple Letters Y,Z numbers 19,20


music wednesdays

3rd Wednesday of the month 9a-10a

Mr. Paul, the Music Man

faith fridays 



 As part of our home to school connection piece I would like to encourage you to take a hike with your child.  This can be as simple as going fora  walk around your neighborhood or searching for items in your own backyward. Bring your findings back home or to the daycare and make a collage by gluing the items to paer or arranging them in a special nature box. End your hike with a family picnic. Invite your child to help plan the menu and decide what items youw ill need to bring along.

Review with your child the letters of the alphabet, numbers 1-20, colors, and shapes.  Read alphabet and number books to your childt o reinforce this review.  Practice counting items around the house and sing "The alphabet song" with your child as you go about your day. Name colors and shapes as you see them outdoors while enjoying summertime activities.





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