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Program teacher student ratio 1:6


Our infant program is ideal for children 6 weeks- 2 year of age. This program has some exciting features like tummy time, read aloud stories, gross and fine motor skill development, a healthy dose of one-one time, and great child to staff ratio.  When the weather permits children enjoy stroller walks , fenced in play with tons of age appropriate toys. We also provide daily logs for parents. These  logs include feeding information, diapering time, temperament of the child, and a brief comment from the teacher. 


Pricing for this program is $235.00 per week full time or $60.00 per day part time.

This program services 6 kids maximum.


Our toddler program is ideal for children 2  years . This program includes nutritional meals and snacks daily  based on guidelines  from the Beanstalk Food Program.  The primary focus of this program is to create learning experiences that promote your child's development of social skills and independence. We begin to work with the parent in potty training, transitioning , and self care.  Children will also experience music and movement, basic sorting, puzzles, blocks, and other manipulative s to develop motor skills. Read aloud are also  incorporated to assist with beginning phonemic awareness and language development. We use an excellent curriculum from Fun shine Express that will assist your child in the 5 domains of learning. There is also  ample amounts of  outside play time that includes games to develop  gross motor skills and art projects used to develop fine motor skill. We know how important it is for you to stay informed about your child's educational experiences . Therefore,  daily logs are provided to parents with a brief overview of your child's day.


 Pricing for this program is $235.00 per week full time or $60.00 per day part time.

3yr - 4 yr old


  We provide  nutritional meals and snacks daily based on guidelines  from the  Beanstalk Food Program.​  In this program the curriculum continues to come from funshine Express for social studies, science, literacy and art and crafts. However  Children are also exposed to the sight words, journal writing, basic math, and multicultural education.  Your  child will be  provided with numerous educational experiences that occur both indoors and out. 

We currently use Bright wheel which allows  parents to receive immediate reports about your child day including pictures  throughout the day as your child play and learn.

Pricing for children 2 to age 4 is $235.00 per week full time or 60.00 per day



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