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To whom it may concern,
I am happy to write a letter of recommendation for Lisa’s Family Daycare & Preschool. My daughter, Ashley, has been in Lisa’s care for over two years, since the age of one. Ashley’s language and number skills have consistently been above the curve. I know that Lisa’s ability to integrate learning into all aspects of the day has made a large impact.

I have observed Lisa listen, engage and encourage each child differently depending on their certain needs and abilities. She has wonderful patience and has help Ashley through potty training, learning to put her shoes on and being independent. I appreciate Lisa’s communication to us parents and encouragement to always be involved.

On the way home, I love hearing about Ashley’s day.The water play, music day, kite flying, the extra hugs from Lisa and staff when she woke up on the grumpy side. She tells me it all. I know that she is well cared for, in a place where she can flourish.

Sincerely, Ann B. 

This letter enthusiastically recommends Lisa Sowell-Sims as a daycare provider. My son Trevor has been attending daycare with Lisa since 12 weeks of age. I found Lisa when I was just four months pregnant and she kindly welcomed my husband and I to come visit her daycare. She kept in touch with me throughout my pregnancy and when Trevor was born she welcomed us to visit so that he could begin to get comfortable. Lisa has been amazing with my son. Returning to work was not easy, however knowing that he was in loving care made that transition easier. Lisa is extremely attentive to the needs of the children in her daycare. Lisa goes above and beyond at meeting the developmental needs of infants and toddlers. Her daycare is full of music, joy, warmth, delicious healthy food, and happy children.

A few months ago my family experienced a crisis and my husband and I had to take guardianship of our four year old nephew, Josiah. Lisa graciously welcomed Josiah into her daycare. Due to the crisis, Josiah has experienced an emotional adjustment. Lisa has been awesome in working with Josiah and our family to make him feel loved, safe, and comfortable. I feel very blessed to have Lisa and her staff caring for my son and nephew.

Lisa’s daycare has provided our children with so much learning and discipline. Our family has recognized such a positive change in our nephew’s knowledge and ability to manage his emotions in the few months that he has been attending her daycare. 


LaKeisha & Trevor P. 

We began our experience with Ms. Lisa when my son was 1 year old. At our initial meeting,she was warm and friendly and made us feel very comfortable that our child would be in a safe and secure place while my husband and I were at work.We also had our daughter attend daycare when she was about 5 months old. Ms. Lisa was always prompt to respond to my inquiries each day when I asked how the kids were doing which also helped my comfort level. My son always had a great time playing with friends and learning new things every day. He loved the daily projects and the trips to the park and really enjoyed being in Ms. Lisa’s daycare environment. Even though my children are now cared for by my mother, I would definitely recommend Lisa’s Family Daycare for any daycare needs.

Stacy D. 

This letter is to recommend Lisa Sowell-Sims and her Day Care to anyone who has need for such services. Lisa has been the main provider of care for my grandson since he was 2 years old. Now 4 he is thriving and learning.

Lisa uses structure that is age appropriate and gives the children time to learn, play, eat and create.And the children especially love when the MusicTeacher comes.They learn songs, instruments and rhythm. She also follows a program that helps both parents and children know what’s coming up and what’s happened that day. This allows me to have great drive home conversations with my grandson about what he learned and what he ate.

Again, I would recommend to anyone with small children to seriously consider Lisa’s Day Care for their precious little ones.


Toni N. 

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